Why a JustRun race is HOT!

JustRun is now a SIGNATURE recognized in the organization of running sports events in Quebec, in all types of events combined.

Through its dedication and degree of perfectionism, the team of passionate people has the sole mission of organizing an event of very high quality for the participant, so that he or she can make the most of his or her experience.


Why a JustRun race is HOT!

JustRun is now a SIGNATURE recognized in the organization of running sports events in Quebec, in all types of events combined.

Through its dedication and degree of perfectionism, the team of passionate people has the sole mission of organizing an event of very high quality for the participant, so that he or she can make the most of his or her experience.


Here are the important elements that make JustRun the most important runner in Quebec!

Registration platform

JustRun has developed its own online registration platform that takes into account the specific needs of running. A powerful, simple and easy to use system, it allows you to keep your tickets online, purchase VIP tickets and also transfer your tickets free of charge to another person. We have a platform recognized as one of the best in the industry and several organizers are already using it.


JustRun finds it ESSENTIAL to regularly communicate relevant information about your participation in our event. Before, during and after the race, you will be kept informed of everything you need to know, by email, SMS and on our Facebook page. All important decisions are communicated to you.

Fast and efficient customer service

JustRun has a multidisciplinary customer service team. Although our Question and Answer system is quite comprehensive, we respond quickly to customer requests, often within hours, by email or on our Facebook pages. According to a survey of participants, JustRun has the best customer service in the world of running.

Organizing Committee

Organizing a running event requires a team of experts with remarkable qualities and passion for events. Let's talk about numbers. To carry out such an organization, more than 20 employees, nearly 30 consultants and more than 200 volunteers are all involved together to offer a large-scale event. JustRun is a Quebec company, proud to encourage and employ local people.

Detailed Runner's Guide

The runner's guide created by JustRun is simply the 8th wonder of the world. Everything you need to know to fully enjoy your event is included in this guide. ALL. Easy to read, PDF reading format recognized, mobile or tablet, the layout is matched only by the smile that will sparkle when reading the pages of highly informative content. The most beautiful guide in the industry for the most beautiful participant. Nothing less!


JustRun is the initiator of one of the largest volunteer movements in the world of running. Our volunteers are treated like kings, taking advantage of the recognition of the company and all participants. Many of them participate with us in dozens of events that make them dedicated, experienced and passionate. You will feel it when you race when you hear them say your name, with words of encouragement. Would you like to join the team? You are welcome to join us! A high quality volunteer guide will be sent to you and you will be invited to participate in the volunteer carpool group! Not to mention the incredible loyalty program with free shopping!


Parking and transport shuttles

All our events offer clearly marked parking areas. If, for logistical reasons, the areas are far from the start line, we offer a free shuttle service to participants. Go as the return.

Registration area

JustRun makes it a point of honour to ensure that participants do not wait long in the queue in the check-in area. To speed up the delivery of bibs and sweaters, JustRun uses technology installed on digital tablets that allows you to quickly find a participant directly in the ticketing service. This highly efficient system considerably reduces recording time. A maximum of volunteers are also involved in the registration process to provide a quality service.

Bibs and sweaters

JustRun knows that participating in a running event required long hours of training. On race day, we would like to underline this personally, which is why we print your first name on your race number and relevant information on the back as well as your medical information in case of problems. In addition, JustRun is known for creating unique, high quality sweaters.

Bag depot

At each event, JustRun establishes a secure area for the drop-off of your bags. This area is protected from bad weather and allows you to leave your personal belongings. The service is FREE.

Festival area

Our events are distinguished by very lively festival areas. Everything is included, including giant tents, exhibitors, ambient music, inflatable games for children, a daycare service, a photo area, the podium area, the gourmet area and "Food Truck" trucks as a complement.

Animation & Music

JustRun is proud to be one of the best sports hosts in Quebec. Funny, lively, catchy, motivating, our animators make a difference at the start line. They are simply unbelievable. The starting line and the first 100m will make you vibrate from the inside with thousands of watts of music that will propel you like a rocket. Not to mention the lively festival area with DJ all day long!


With the help of our partner Sportstats, the largest timing company in the world, the timing of your race will be guaranteed to be highly accurate. Working with Sportstats is more than just receiving a running time; it is also about obtaining a highly personalized service. You can receive your race times in real time, share them with your friends on Facebook, retrieve your time directly on the Internet or even enjoy the display area in the festival area.


JustRun has reinvented the way to take pictures of a sporting event. Our slogan sums it up very well, "Creator of sporting emotions". Each event has more than 8 professional photographers, each with the mission of taking as many emotional photos as possible. We are talking here about several thousand pictures. Then, our team of professionals will review each of them individually to treat them offering an unequalled quality. All this is FREE, including high-resolution photos!


Our course team is absolutely fantastic. She prepares everything with meticulous care to ensure discovery, pleasure and SAFETY for the participants. We take into account several geographical factors to maximize your experience.

Medical team

Safety and first aid for participants in the event of problems are the priority of the organizing committee. We don't want to take any chances. We work with the company GTI Médical, renowned for the quality of its services. The team is composed of a multidisciplinary team of paramedics, nurses, doctors, dentists, physiotherapists, dispatchers and other health professionals. We work with the best. Period to period. We do not save at the risk of the health of our members. NEVER.

Refuelling area and toilets

Many of our races are sanctioned by the Fédération québécoise d'Athlétisme, which imposes certain criteria during an event. In terms of food and toilets available to participants, we not only meet and exceed the criteria categorized as OR. In addition, on the course, we offer gels according to distances as well as unlimited water and several other snacks related to our various themes.

Finish line and medal ceremony

You are ready to cross the finish line with your arms in the air with the great satisfaction of having succeeded. Emotions are high, and it is under the musical atmosphere and congratulations of your loved ones that you receive your unique and original graduating medal. You have just successfully completed your personal challenge.


Now that the race is over, with the medal around your neck, you can take advantage of our Photobooth area to immortalize your success with our expert photographers. You can find your photos on Facebook and in the photo area afterwards. Smile, we're watching you!

Gourmet menu

Now that the star system is over, you have signed autographs, all your friends, family, dog and cat have congratulated you, perhaps you even received a call from the Prime Minister who told you Bravo and how proud he felt to see you representing our country, it is time to enjoy our gourmet menu. A meal you won't be able to forget! All this is done with local products.

* Not included with all races.

Presentation of podiums and scholarships

They call you the gazelle, maybe because you run very fast. So fast that you managed to reach the podium in your distance category. Well, if that's the case, BRAVO. You deserve surprises and your medal as a winner.

Giving donations

By participating in our event, a portion of the income from your registration is donated to causes supported by our company JustRun.


Return home

You are now ready to leave us after your race. This is where our team breathes again. We have been working for months to organize this race for you. We hope you enjoyed our event and we are counting on you to share it on social networks, to come back with your friends next year to encourage us again and again. Thank you for allowing us to flourish through your run.


We are so involved in the success of our event that we do not want any dissatisfaction. If, for personal reasons, you have not been satisfied, contact us, we will be happy to discuss it and offer you our 100% satisfaction guarantee or a new free race.


A big thank you to our partners who contribute to the success of the event.


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